Want to go union?

Attached below is our current independent collective agreement. All you have to do is “certify” the company union by signing cards and then be willing to back up your fellow workers as we negotiate with the contractor to sign our standard agreement. 55% of your bricklayers or masonry craftworkers who work for the company have to sign a certification card and then, the company is union. Contact Geoff at 778-847-2472. Once union the member employees determine what their demands are.

Union Rates and Benefits Click Here OR see below…

ORGANIZE…Bricklayers and Masonry Support Workers sign these cards and go union without a secret ballot.  Your signed card is guarded for secrecy, no one knows except you, the union representative and the Labour Relations Board Officer.  From the BC Labour Relations Board

Certification  23.  If the board is satisfied that (a)on the date the board receives an application for certification under this Part at least 55% of the employees in the unit are members in good standing of the trade union, and (b)the unit is appropriate for collective bargaining, the board must certify the trade union as the bargaining agent for the employees in the unit.  Contact Geoff Higginson 778-847-2472.

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