Hours Banks for Union Health and Welfare Plan during EI Sickness Benefits Claim

Just a reminder that if you end up on EI Sickness Benefits for whatever reason, please remember to notify DA Townley so you can have the disability coverage of your contributions kick in. That way you won’t lose your hours bank while on sickness benefits. DA Townley has sent us a reminder of this, see below.

I just wanted to remind you that it will be important for your Members to know that when they apply and are accepted for EI Sickness Benefits, they will need to contact our office to apply for Disability Credits in order to keep their hour banks intact. Our staff will advise any Members who call our office that we refer to apply for EI Sickness Benefits, but in the chance they just go directly to EI Sickness Benefits without calling us, they will need to be reminded to apply for Disability Credits.’

Email D.A. Townley at admin@datownley.com to apply for disability credits.

Help From Community Savings…Line of Credit

Community Savings Credit Union Steps up for Workers

Construction work can’t be done from home. The BC Building Trades are advocating with the federal and provincial governments to help provide financial relief for construction workers in these extraordinary times. We have also reached out and been working with our partners at Community Savings Credit Union.

Community Savings is offering a special line of credit for workers facing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This means that those facing job losses can have access to an interest free $2,500 line of credit. Due to the current economic situation, the credit union is maintaining a degree of flexibility for applicants in terms of work history and current employment status–you can apply on EI. Community Savings is offering a suite of other tools to those who do their banking there to relieve the pressure folks are facing right now.
Importantly, these offerings are for current or new members of Community Savings only. Workers must join the credit union in order to leverage these options. This is an easy process and although Community Savings has branches throughout B.C., workers do not need to live near a branch in order to sign up; they can apply on the website.

This help is not intended to replace assistance from the government, but we hope it will provide an extra level of support to those in need right now.

For more information:
Lower Mainland: 604-654-2000
Victoria: 250-385-8431
Toll Free:1-888-653-2000