Forklift Training This Week. Out of Work?

This week Thursday November 1 and Friday November 2 is counter balance and rough terrain forklift training.  Each ticket each day.  Come for two days and get both.  They are Ives Certifications.  Phone the office now.  1-855-584-2021.

Work On Pots, Re-Lines, Kitimat

Rio Tinto Alcan has sub contracted pot maintenance for three years to SL & B.  They are certified to the Labourer and Teamster under a poly party agreement.  The agreement doesn’t appear to have bricklayers however the company is hiring bricklayers.  To apply for this work send your resume and contact information to:

Please call the president before you send your application.

MacKenzie Shut-2018

If you are working there now and in camp watters send by text or email any reports of unsuitable conditions to and or text to 778-8472472.  ASAP

BC Building Trades Statement on LNG Project


The BC Building Trades welcomes LNG Canada’s final investment decision on the $40 billion liquefied natural gas project in Kitimat, B.C., and congratulates the NDP provincial government on ushering in the single largest private sector investment in Canada.

This project is a boon for the sector, and will provide thousands of construction jobs when it gets under way.

We represent 40,000 highly skilled unionized construction workers and are part of a network of 400,000 members across Canada. We are committed, prepared and eager to work on this project.

The BC Building Trades was appointed to the Premier’s LNG Working Group in 2013 and has been doubling down on our efforts to ensure our province has the skilled workers the industry requires, and that British Columbians have the skills to be first in line for the jobs on LNG projects. This investment signals a commitment to local workers and apprentices.

Some of the ways our members have prepared for LNG:

  • Heat and Frost Insulators: expertise in cryogenic insulation application
  • Bricklayers: expanded industrial certification training; using infrastructure fund to train members in gunite, hydro mobile scaffold, forklifts and other elevated work platforms
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers: prioritizing training in automation and control of local infrastructure in preparation for workforce demand created by LNG
  • Sheet Metal Workers: working with the Sheet Metal Workers Training Centre to deliver lagging training (lagging is the protective covering over insulation)
  • UA Piping Industry College: training workers for low transformation temperature welding
  • Other: we have recruitment strategies targeting Indigenous populations, women, veterans and other underrepresented groups

In addition, we have more than $50 million in assets across our many union training programs. This includes land, facilities and equipment.

We enroll more than 7,000 apprentices and trainees and spend more than $18 million annually on training and apprenticeship programs.

We recognize that LNG industry will require workers who are uniquely skilled and may not be available in B.C. or the rest of Canada, justifying the hiring of temporary foreign workers. We expect that these workers can help train B.C. workers while they are here so that we can ultimately fill that skills gap.

Tom Sigurdson

Executive director,

BC Building Trades

Kitimat LNG a Go

Get on the list at the hall for LNG work.  Please send an email to or with Kitimat LNG List in the subject line, or text to 778-847-2472.

This work is under an agreement forged over the last four to five years for LNG plant work.  It is a PLA between the Building Trades and the CLRA representing the partners on the build.  Although there is less than 1% of our work on this project it still amounts to a lot of hours when you consider the billions of dollars being spent on the total scope.  It will be mainly concrete block.

Pine River Four Bricklayers

4 bricklayers needed for pine river with Clayburn North starting wednesday Oct 3 2018.  Confined Space, Fall Protection, H2S Alive.  1-855-584-2021 union hall.