Mentorship Matters Graduates

Wednesday January 30 2019 eight BAC 2 BCmembers completed the Train the Trainer for Mentorship Matters a program developed by Skill Plan our construction Industry Training Plan (supported by our affiliates) and Mentorship Matters. The local is doing this in an effort to increase skill level and improve the apprenticeship experience by teaching apprentices how to get the most out of their apprenticeship by asking the right questions and listening to the mentor, while also training our mentors techniques to help the apprentice learn and retain skills, paving the way to a future for our union and to ensure a trained workforce ready to take over as our members retire.

Travel Allowance Rates 2019

Be reminded that travel allowance rates are now 58 cents per kilometre for the first 5000 km and 52 cents per kilometre for every kilometre after that. As of January 1st 2019.

Mentorship Matters

BAC Local 2 BC and the Trowel Trades Training Association are taking part in the Mentorship Matters Project. The Local is seeking experienced and willing journeypersons to attend the train the trainer program for the Mentorship program January 30 2019. These members would take a one day train the trainer course and would then teach the half day courses for mentors and mentees. The future of our trade depends on better on the job training and mentorship. Contact Geoff Higginson at 778-847-2472 or the office at 604-584-2021. Mentorship Matters Program.