March 20 2020…Office staff are now self isolating.

March 17 2020 Office Closure…The office and shop will be closed to the public, members and trainees. Staff and officers will be handling business at the office and from their homes. Trainees will be continuing but with online and conference calling. Practical projects will be continued when the current situation with the pandemic has passed. If you need anything please email or call the office or call or text the union cell phone.

March 14 2020…The Union and the TTTA has been informed that the trainee who was being tested for covid 19 as a precaution has tested negative. The Union Office and Training Center will be open Monday as usual for union business and training. Please follow the precautions in the COVID 19 Poster shown below. Keep your distance. Stay home if you feel sick.


March 13 2020…The Local has closed the office to the public, trainees and members until further notice. We are erring on the side of caution to prevent coincidental transmission of the COVID 19 Virus until we are sure that there is no risk to our members and their extended families.

We are all acutely aware of the close quarters our members have to work in with each other and other trades. Below we have uploaded joint statements from the BC Building Trades and the Construction Labour Relations. There is also a poster showing recommended actions to take to avoid exposure to or exposing others to viruses.

Statement of Union Office Closure.

Safe Practises Poster (COVID 19).

BC Building Trades/Construction Labour Relations Statement: COVID 19 Safe practises, preventing transmission and government resources.

BC Building Trades/Construction Labour Relations Dispatch Statement Rules for going to work.

CLRA Statement to CLRA Member Contractors. For your information/attention.

People Who Are Self-Isolating. Office of the Provincial Health Officer.

Lunch Room Trailers

Make sure there is enough room in the lunch room for the whole crew. With 24 workers guidelines suggest 10 square feet per worker. Keep your distance. Follow safe practise rules.

Please keep yourself informed of the latest information at the BC Center for Disease Control Website (click here)… Any questions speak to your job steward or call Geoff directly at 778-847-2472.

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