CIMS Deducting CPP and EI premiums from initial and terminal travel allowance.

This is the most recent info from the tax lawyer.

Hi Geoff,

I have received no correspondence from CRA. The last communication I saw was the abeyance letter you sent me in August.

The CPP and EI treatment should follow that for income tax purposes. The members’ argument was that neither income tax, nor CPP, nor EI should have been deducted. But if CIMS is deducting income tax, then logically they would deduct CPP and EI too, although your members maintain that this is the incorrect result at law (as set out in the income tax, CPP and EI appeals arguments I drafted for you).

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  1. It is unknown at this time what CRA’s decision will be. It is really important that members continue to maintain their travel records including all motor vehicle expense receipts, km logs, and receipts for meals and or hotels purchased with the meal allowance/living out allowance. Although we argue this is not necessary because our allowances are reasonable in our opinion in order to protect ourselves we nee to be able to file the employment expense deduction through the t2200. If CIMS has not provided a t2200 going back to 2014 (the year they were audited back to) please contact the union hall.

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