Pine River Job and Camp Update September 07, 2019

Pine River Gas Plant, Sukunka Natural Resources Inc (SNRI)         

There are Two Camps

Flite Camp 20 is located in Chetwynd at 4414 44 Ave NE, Chetwynd, (250) 874-7445. This is the night shift camp.  Night Shift will be bused in to the gas plant and returned to camp daily.  This is a 166 person camp.

Flite Hasler Camp 24 is located at KM 21 Westcoast Road Chetwynd, approximately ½ KM from Pine River Gas Plant.  This camp is for day shift.  You are provided with secure vehicle parking in Chetwynd and bussed in to the camp.  Clayburn will provide a van for on demand transport to Chetwynd during off shift hours.  This is a 200 person camp.  One bunkhouse is women only.

Both Camps are Dry Camps. 



Flite Camp 20 was inspected by a Clayburn manager on behalf of CLRA Friday September 6, 2019. It will be inspected by a BAC member Monday September 9, 2019 to confirm the contractor’s inspection.  We don’t anticipate a problem.  It appears comparable to Camp 24.

Flite Hasler Camp 24 was jointly inspected by CLRA and BAC August 26 2019 and exceeds our Camp Regulations.

Safety-Hasler Camp 24 Evacuation-SNRI Assures CLRA that the Camp is outside the evacuation zone of the plant and that this is a total shutdown, the camp is flat and there is not a gas release hazard.  The plant has an evacuation plan.  The Camp has a muster point and evacuation plan.


The Job

Contractors-Clearstream is managing the shutdown.  They hire sub trades but Clayburn Services is hired directly by SNRI (CNRL).  Clearstream has what they call a union side, Clearwater and a non-union side Flint.

The job is 7-12 hour shifts per week for up to 23 days starting September 15th. Clayburn staff have not returned calls today to confirm any job/shift start times.

All of this as of September 9 at 9:28 PM. Any questions call or text the union cell phone. 778-847-2472.

Geoff Higginson

Hasler Camp 24 Photos

Camp 20 In Chetwynd

This camp is very similiar to Camp 24. More photos in detail on monday.

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