Urgent Manpower Request for Alberta

URGENT-Request for Manpower

Alan Ramsay, BAC Local 1 AB (CNRL and Syncrude) needs bricklayers. Alan is soon to be in urgent need of approximately 50 members to properly man these shutdowns.

Contact our local union first and then Local 1 AB.

Horizon Day and Night Shift

Syncrude Days and Nights Hydro Nozzlemen

Geoff Higginson, President

International Union of Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers

Local #2 British Columbia & Yukon Territory


778-847-2472 mobile, voice & text


IUBAC Local 2 BC

12309 Industrial Rd., Surrey, BC V3V 3S4

604-584-2021 telephone

604-584-2022 facsimile

1-855-584-2021 Toll Free


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