Refraco workers vote YES for IUBAC Local 2 in certification vote on Friday.

Our thanks and congratulations to 18 employees at Refraco BC Inc., working in the RTA ABF who now officially have the representation of a craft union at work.

Recently employees of Refraco signed enough union cards to trigger a “hard cert” vote which under new labour code rules must be held within 5 working days of the certification application. Friday during two pollings in person at 310-9th in Kitimat, the Refraco Office, employees voted yes well over the threshold of 50% plus 1 vote to officially certify Refraco BC Inc as an all employee bargaining unit of BAC Local 2 BC.

This could not be done without the overwhelming courage and desire of the fine women and men working their guts out in some of the hottest conditions anywhere in our crafts. Congratulations and great props to the inside organizers who made this happen. I’ve never seen a more motivated group nor a more textbook organizing drive.


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