Camp Agreement

The Provincial Camp Regulations were recently extended by CLRA, representing the Employers, and the Building Trades, representing the unions. Local 2 believes this move was improper and has asked the Labour Relations Board to cancel that agreement. However, until the Board rules, the Camp Agreement is in place, so that if an employer declares a job to be a camp job, and you accept a job offer to work on a camp job, then you must stay in that camp. However, you are not obligated to accept work from any Employer. If you do not like the terms of work offered (LOA, meal allowance and room, camp accommodations etc.) you are not obliged to accept a job offer. This is your choice, but it is a choice you must make on your own, individually. Local 2 will not advise you to take or not take any particular job. There is work coming up at Port Mellon. We have heard conflicting information as to whether staying in camp is a requirement or whether LOA is available for those not wishing to stay in Camp. If you are thinking of taking job at Port Mellon but that decision is dependent on whether it is a camp job or not, then you should seek clarity on this question from the Employer and then make your own personal decision as to whether to accept a job offer. However, Local 2 will not condone any member accepting a job and then after accepting the job, trying to individually negotiate different conditions. To do so may be a breach of the collective agreement. Call the hall for more information or union president at 778-847-2472.”

T-Shirts and Hoodies

The t-shirts will be available in short sleeves without the hoodie.  Email the hall for your preference in colour.  Hoodies are lighter weight and will come without zipper with one main pocket or with zipper and two pockets.  Logo on back and trade down the sleeve.

Tire Damage Danger on Industrial Road

Due to constant “scrap” yard traffic it is not unusual to have bits of metal, nails, screws and assorted metal junk fly off the trucks making the trip past our training center and union hall to Schnitzer Salvage or an number of other re-cycling yards in the area.  We will try and keep the street parking area clear of these tire puncture hazards but please keep your eyes open for the hazards if you are going to park on the street side.

Forest Fires, Effects on Members

On a trip up to Prince George late last week for a bargaining meeting Geoff Higginson took this shot just out of McCleese Lake.  Thankfully Rain and Cooler Temperatures have eased things off, but conditions were plus 10 on the air quality index making it hard for everyone to breath.  Keep your thoughts with all the folks especially older members and family who may have a very hard time.  Lets hope for more rain.

Spec Mix Bricklayer 500

All competitors were awesome and gave it their best.  Looking forward to next year when there will be 8 teams minimum and another chance to go to Las Vegas.


Set up under way for the third Spec Mix Bricklayer 500 set to go here at the training center tomorrow (Friday August 17 2018)

See you tomorrow at 10:00 A.M.

Member Swag

We have sample t-shirts in the office for members to take a look at.  High quality cotton long sleeved shirts in two colours with logo on chest and trade down the arm.  We are also offering the same shirt with short sleeves and are currently pricing the shirts WITH hood.