Camps-Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Click here to See Statement From Union On Camps.

Port Mellon Camp has been inspected and approved by the BC Building Trades Inspection Committee. This means the employer can call this a camp job. If you don’t want to stay in this camp don’t accept the work. If you accept the work and are in camp, and the camp falls below the standards of the camp agreement or any health, fire, sanitary or other regulations and law you can refuse to live in the accommodations. If that happens check with the hall or President and ask for LOA or Room and meal allowance. Follow the link above to see the details, especially of what is required in camp for food services (Camp Rules and Regs.)

Update on Port Mellon Camp/LOA Grievance

Health Inspections at the Camp (click on this)

The union is pursuing a grievance with our contractor for “deeming” Howe sound Pulp and paper a Camp Job. It has not been inspected as per the camp regulations. Please check the link below for the most recent letter containing our grievance position to the Company.

Email Exchange with the CLRA RE Port Mellon/HSPP, Union Grievance and Demands

Any questions contact Geoff Higginson 778-847-2472.

Construction Industry Rehabilitation Plan

BAC 2 BC Members are eligible to receive confidential help from the Construction Industry Rehabilitation Plan (CIRP). If you or a loved one needs help with addiction or crisis please contact the Plan at
1-888-521-8611 or go to the web-site by clicking here. CIRP has training in and supply of naloxone kits. Have one with you, for yourself or loved ones.


Through the International BAC Local 2 Members have access to the Member Assistance Program (MAP) which can be accessed through 1-888-880-8222 or online by clicking on… BAC-MAP.

Forest Fires, Effects on Members

On a trip up to Prince George late last week for a bargaining meeting Geoff Higginson took this shot just out of McCleese Lake.  Thankfully Rain and Cooler Temperatures have eased things off, but conditions were plus 10 on the air quality index making it hard for everyone to breath.  Keep your thoughts with all the folks especially older members and family who may have a very hard time.  Lets hope for more rain.