Nominations For Local and Chapter Officers

Due to the COVID19 pandemic the Union is conducting a nomination meeting by mail in nominations for local union officers and chapter chairs.

Notice of Nominations for Local Union Officers and Chapter Chairs…click on the underlined text to go to the Notice of Nominations that was mailed to all members Monday May 11, 2020.

The results of nominations will be posted below immediately following the closing date and time on the local union and chapter chair officers nominations notice. Results will also be reported on a recorded voice mail message available by calling (604) 584-2021,
EXT. 225.



After receiving several more requests for an extension on the time to return ballots, the Election Committee has agreed to extend the ballot return date to July 3, 2020.  Ballots will be picked up on the morning of July 3, 2020, by the Election Committee, and counted at the Union hall on that date.  Your dues must be paid up to and including May 2020 to be in good standing for your ballot to be counted.


The Election Committee has received two formal requests to extend the voting deadline for the election of officers.  After reviewing the constitution the decision of the Election Committee was unanimous to maintain the timeline set out in the Constitution.

A member commented on the blog that their nomination for a Vancouver Island Chapter Chair candidate did not appear to have been recognized.  In reviewing the nomination forms it was found that unfortunately, due to an error in sorting the nomination papers, the Election Committee erroneously listed only one candidate as having been nominated for Chapter Chair for Vancouver Island.  On June 4, 2020, a letter was sent to all Vancouver Island members with this information and a ballot and the required return envelopes were sent for those members to vote for their Chapter Chair.  Brothers Karl Jones and Jay Morrissey were both listed on the ballot.

It was also brought to our attention that when Sharon prepared the voting instruction sheet that was included with the ballots that went out to all members, it indicated a stamped return envelope was enclosed.  This was an error, the union stopped including pre-stamped envelopes several years ago due to the low volume of return.  We would request that you please put a stamp on your return envelope, making sure your vote counts is worth a dollar.

UPDATE:  A protest was filed with regards to the Election Committee’s decision to deny Brother Martin’s nomination to run for the position of President.  The Election Committee has reviewed their decision and based on information provided have reversed the decision to deny Brother Martin’s nomination.  ACCORDINGLY, elections will proceed for the position of President with two candidates Brother Geoff Higginson and Brother William Martin.  Elections for three Vice Chair positions will also be held with four candidates Brother Tony Sarangelo, Brother Robert Witt, Brother Robert Tuzzi and Brother Ira Maheu.  Please watch your mail next week for your election package.


Ballots were collected by the Election Committee on May 26, 2020, at 5:00 p.m. from the Elections PO Box and returned to the office for counting.


Geoff Higginson  –  nominated and accepted

William Martin  –  nominated and accepted

The Election Committee discussed the eligibility of Brother William Martin to stand for nomination and determined that he was not eligible under the Article VIII,  4 (c), of the Local Constitution “A contractor member, or a supervisory member who works in a supervisory position on a continuous and ongoing rather than project by project basis, with the effective authority to hire, fire or impose substantial discipline, may not be a candidate for, or hold office.”  Brother Higginson is elected by acclamation.

Secretary Treasurer:

Paolo Perozzo – nominated and accepted

Tony Sarangelo – nominated and declined

Robert Witt – nominated and declined

Paolo Perozzo is elected by way of acclamation.

Vice-Chair – 3 Positions:

Enzo Centis  –  nominated and declined

Ira Maheu  –  nominated and accepted

Dave Rosemeyer  –  nominated and declined

Tony Sarangelo  –  nominated and accepted

Robert Tuzzi  –  nominated and accepted

Robert Witt  –  nominated and accepted

Elections will be held for the three Vice Chair Positions

Chapter Chairs:

Norther BC Chapter Chair           

Kosta Thanos  –  nominated and accepted

Kosta Thanos by way of acclamation.

Vancouver Island Chapter Chair

Karl Jones  –  nominated and accepted

Karl Jones by way of acclamation


No Nominations

Lower Mainland Chapter Chair

Ira Maheu  –  nominated and declined

Tony Sarangelo   –  nominated and declined