Camp Port Mellon Grievance

September 9 2019

The union is going into arbitration over the camp grievance with CIMS in October.

August 17, 2019

The Union through legal counsel has applied for an arbitrator to hear our grievance. The union maintains this as not a camp job and the members were wrongly informed as such. An arbitrator has still not been assigned.

July 19 2019

The union is pursuing a grievance with our contractor for “deeming” Howe sound Pulp and paper a Camp Job. It has not been inspected as per the camp regulations. Please check the link below for the most recent letter containing our grievance position to the Company.

Email Exchange with the CLRA RE Port Mellon/HSPP, Union Grievance and Demands


Some of our contractors will be at Port Mellon by Monday July 8. I have been informed the contractors are calling this a camp job. This union has not received a camp inspection report. After contacting camp committee members I understand an inspection has not been done. If you are asked to work on this project ask the contractor if it is a camp job. If they say camp is a requirement of the dispatch then you have the right to refuse the dispatch. You can tell them you only accept dispatch to LOA or Room and Meal allowance Jobs and that you understand the camp has not been inspected. Below is a link to the current camp rules(standards) which among other things, list the FOOD requirements for camps. Also there are links to the email correspondence sent to the camp committee regarding camp, a report with photos and statements of what happened last year in Port Mellon and the camp inspection checklist.

Camp Rules currently being used.

Check this for the standards for food in camp…


2018 Camp Inspection Reports from Mill and Camp Committee.


2018 Sub Standard Conditions Reported by Members.


Camp Inspection Checklist 2014.

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